Thoughts are things....Thoughts Create Reality.......

The goddess is worthy and deserves our thoughts, our adoration, our appreciation and our respect, along with our love, our support, our encouragment and allowance to be who they really are!

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THOUGHT AND FOCUS ARE CRITICAL TO CHANGE. Albert Einstein's famous quote says, "Continuing to do the same thing over and over and expect different results, is the definition of insanity".

Focus your intention on what it is you desire, then speak it and bring it to you now, and the let it go....and so it is....

Focused intent is the key to aligning yourself to whatever it is you desire. Once aligned, it will appear....if that is your desire

Have no fear however, your path is designed by you and perfect for you. If you don't like something in the present you can change it at any time, simply with your thoughts.

Charles William's first book is a "mini book". It came out of a metaphysical experience of an awareness where he saw a united earth as well as individual oneness, simply through good words, thus the books name "Speak Only Good". The simplicity of it all is however, that this is about each of us personally accepting, growing, expanding and applying this in our own lives first. Proclamation is not necessary. Just think and grow. Let go and expand. This is all about you, about each of us remembering our own grandness, as beings of light and love, as creators who create with every thought.
The second book and also the name of Charles Williams Radio show, is Appreciating the Goddess - A handbook for Men. The book that will grow out of this will be called by the same title,  "Appreciating The Goddess - A Handbook For Men".

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Speak Only Good  has been mentioned on the Think, Believe and Manifest show hosted by Constance Arnold.